Detoxane - Detox City cream

Picture of Detoxane - Detox City cream
Detoxane cleans off and protects skin cells against dangerous molecules. The purified extract of Swiss garden cress sprouts, with its highest concentration of phytonutrients, activates the skin detoxification system and enhances the resistance of the skin against pollutants and environmental stress factors. The concentrate of minerals and amino acids of the soft water pearl powder Illuminates the complexion. Detoxan is a must when living in polluted cities or environment.

CHF 44.00 incl tax


- Cleans off and protects skin cells against environmental toxins and reactive molecules

- Photo-protective action of the Pongamia glabra seed oil which has the ability to absorb some of the ultraviolet rays

- Nutritional and remineralizing actions of freshwater pearl powder. This ingredient provides the amino acid essential for
the synthesis of collagen and refines the pores, regenerates and beautifies the dull, tired or damaged skin.



Use morning on a perfectly clean skin. Make it penetrate it into the skin with gentle circular massages.

Can be used prior make-up or other face creams.

Capacity 30 ml - airless