Sébyline - Matifying Gel

Picture of Sébyline - Matifying Gel
Light fluid for combination and oily skins. Based on oleanic acids extracted from the oliveleeves and nordihydroguaiaretics extracted from creosote bush, it favors skin matifying, purifies the epidermis, regularizes production of seborrhea and provides the optimal moisturizing to the skin.

CHF 36.00 incl tax


- Absorbs the surplus of sebum

- Inhibits the activity of the 5 alpha-reductase, reducing then the sebaceous glands activity.

- Limits the proliferation of the bacteria flora and reduces the accumulation of dead cells in the hair follicle (responsible for acne).

- Allows maintaining or restoring an optimal moisturizing level in the cornea layer.


Use morning and/or evening on a perfectly cleansed skin.
In case of blemishes use the Gel in the morning in combination with the Acnoline Cream the evening


Capacity 30 ml - airless